Cambridge, University Library, Betty & Gordon Moore Library, Kings College and back to London

The next morning I was up early to do a couple of library visits. The main Cambridge University Library was within a short walking distance from the flat. It is quite an imposing building as you approach it. Not making any prior arrangements I did not have access beyond the foyer. The unexpected bonus was that there was an exhibition of books and items relating to the Battle of Waterloo on display with librarians as invigilators to guard the precious items. .

From the main library it was only a short walk to the Betty & Gordon Moore Library to meet the Head of Science Information Services Yvonne Nobis who I’d arranged a visit via Andy Priestner. The Moore library was quite modern with a collection of mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science, materials science, engineering. With recent science library refurbishment there had been a certain amount of transfer of resources to this library. Yvonne welcomed me and gave me a tour of the library. In the midst of touring we were told off by a patron for being too noisy. This resulted in Yvonne sending an email and mentioning how the staff and post graduate students need to have more respect for library staff. I got on really well with Yvonne and we spent a good hour sharing a lot about our mutual institutions restructures and changing goals and perspectives.

I went back to the flat where we vacated and got permission from the owner to leave the car in the parking spot for the morning to allow us to do a tour of Kings College. The walk gave us a different perspective again walking through parkland in this beautiful area of the UK. Kings Colleges grounds and particularly the chapel were breathtaking.


The travel back to London was fairly straightforward with the GPS taking us straight back to the hire car place where we had started. As we got closer to London the traffic got more heavy. We made our way back to the Rushmore hotel again in Earls Court and assigned different rooms to the ones we had last time. That night went to McDonalds and unlike Australia could have an Indian burger. Also went to a laundromat to catch up on our washing as the hotel service rather expensive.

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