British Museum & HTB Church

Today we set out to the British Museum.   There was disruption in the city as the Tour of Britain  bike race was concluding with its final stage.  Our ticket for the Hop on Hop off bus lasted for twenty four hours so we got to ride the bus a little in the morning to disembark outside the Museum.  There was an orderly line to get in that moved fairly swiftly and calmly.  Once inside the modern make over in architecture of the old and new was quite striking.



There was so much to look at and although we spend about three hours including lunch there I’m sure we didn’t see everything.  Particularly nearing the end of the day when fatigue set in.  We could well of come back for additional visits but there was still so much more to see. Many items were in glass cabinets so photos did not turn out the best with reflections.  The British Museum has an amazing collection of Egypt, Roman, Greek, Asian and Oceania.

Too fatigued to watch the Tour of Britain in person I watched it on the television in the hotel room in the late afternoon. In the evening we attended the HTB (Holy Trinity Brompton) Church  where Nicky Gumble is the main Vicar.  It is the founder of the Alpha movement which we have participated in a few times at various churches.  Alpha is a series of informal sessions to discuss the Christian faith that has spread around the world. The church was vibrant with a good number of people running a large number of services at various venues.  The worship was inspirational.  The video and technology very slick.  Because the vicar did the same sermon at various location over the day they ran a video of one he had done earlier in the day and in the midst of the service when he had arrived he stepped in to continue on in person.

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