Eiffel Tower and Paris bus tour.

Breakfast was served with a beautiful basket of croissant, bread rolls, jam and cheeses.   Enough to make up some snacks for lunch which we ate while in crowd on the tower.  We made our way for our guided tour of the Eiffel Tower.  It was a small group of around 10 and led by a young English chap.  We all had radio microphones so could be guided and hear while we walked and the guide talked.  Very professional and informative.


It was a dull morning and we did experience some rain while up the tower.  Being on a tour we by-passed the crowd for entry.  There were plenty of opportunities for photos.

The tour finished on level 1.  We went up another level and made our way down.  It took quite some time to move about from level 1 to level 2 and then to get the lift down.  At one point an emergency signal went but we were all crowded and going nowhere anyway and could do nothing.  After about ten minutes an announcement told us to ignore the emergency signal.  Rain came while we were waiting to get the lift down at which point we were mostly under shelter.


Once off the tower we got coffee and then it took a bit of an effort to find the hop on hop off bus we had booked to go on.  Once found it was quite relaxing to just chill and watch Paris zip by with English commentary from a personal earphone.  We did a loop and a half and got off at the Louvre however it was quite late in the afternoon.

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