The Louvre

On arrival at the Louvre we had pre ordered tickets, however we were informed we had to go and pick up our tickets at a Kiosk nearby.



The map we had from the website was not clear on where exactly the pickup point was.  There was a market and crowds and it became quite irritating and an anxious time as it was late in the day and we just wanted to get the tickets so we could get into the Louvre and at least see the Mona Lisa painting.  Getting a bit more desperate we asked a friendly and helpful person who directed us to what he could perceive as the Kiosk to pick up the tickets.   When I approached the proprietor I was shouted at to read my map and go away.  At this point I sort police assistance as I was starting to think that I had been duped by a false website that now had my credit card details but the policeman concurred with the first person that this kiosk should have been the pickup point judging by the map and directions I had.  In a fairly dejected state we were not sure whether to just buy tickets and go into the Louvre or just go back to the hotel.  And then just 100 metres or so away was another kiosk that had the tickets.  I almost burst into tears. With ticket on hand we then more or less ran to the Louvre muttering in a delirious state… why didn’t the first kiosk proprietor just say it was just over there (!)

French Kiosks beware!

We raced through the entrance and followed the directions to get to the Mona Lisa.  Being so late in the day we were quite fortunate to have direct access.  Not long after we were being directed and ushered out as it closed in the late afternoon.  There was so much more we could have seen and we really needed to have allowed a lot more time to see the complete collection or come back for another visit.



Mona Lisa


Having had such a full day we were quite exhausted.  Caught the Met back to the hotel and grabbed some hot dogs from a street seller and went to relax in our hotel room.  Later popped out for crepes and macaroons.

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