Leaving Paris & back to London

After having a big day it was thought to take things a tad slower today if possible.  A sleep in and a leisurely breakfast and then having a bit of a walk around the local area before packing up and leaving.



Brekkie spot in Hotel

As we were flying out from Orly airport the public transport connection from hotel to airport was complicated so we decided to take a taxi which was an experience in itself.  I was very happy not to try and deal with driving in Paris!  The taxi driver was friendly and chatty.



Paris traffic

It seemed like it took longer to actually board the plane than the actual flight time to land in London.  It was wet and a busy afternoon time to land in Heathrow.  With airport train connections we were soon back at our Earls Court hotel again for the last three days of our trip.



Hazy view on London approach from plane

That evening my son and I returned to the Blackbird pub that we had gone to on the first night in London to find that there was a World Rugby Cup celebration happening on the big screen and with lots of people from various nations shouting for their teams.  It had a great atmosphere.

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One Response to Leaving Paris & back to London

  1. katiedavis says:

    Isn’t Paris traffic terrifying?!

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