Science Museum, riding Kensington Gardens and off to Heathrow to go home.

It was the final day.   Our flight didn’t leave till late afternoon so in effect we still had a full day.  Post brekkie I went out to a bank to get rid of as much coin as possible.  Over my time in the UK I hadn’t come to grips with what coin was what so had mostly used notes and accumulated much coinage.  After packing there was the opportunity with a late checkout to dash up with my son and checkout the Science Museum.  With more time we could have had a more thorough look.  In one section full sized planes reminded me of the Canberra War memorial.



Back to the hotel and we checkout leaving our bags to head up to Kensington Gardens again.  My wife was happy just to sit in a café and read while my son and I hired bikes and rode around the gardens.  We checked out the Italian gardens and Lady Diana memorial.   At one point we were politely told off by an English lady that we were actually riding in a non-permitted riding area and advised that there was a hefty fine if we continued and caught by an officer.  As with much of our holiday if only we had more time we could have explored so much more.



Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

We made our way back checked our bikes back in.  Met back with my wife.  Got some lovely baguettes and snacks to eat in transit.   Went back to hotel and got our bags and made our way to Heathrow with plenty of time to spare.  While riding around Kensington Gardens there had been a slight mist of showers.  As we traveled by train to the airport it became very wet.  Checking in bags was straightforward.  Exchanging Oyster card so easy.. why can’t Myki be this easy (!)  A relaxing coffee and afternoon tea while awaiting boarding and a reflection on what a wonderful holiday we had had.



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