Flight home & picking up cats

The flight home was uneventful.  Following the same passage as the flight to London with Royal Brunei we stopped over at Dubai and again experienced a higher level of security and longer time in getting back on our flight than at Brunei.  Watched a number of movies and had little snoozes but didn’t feel like any real sleeps.  In fact for much of the holiday my sleep patterns were all over the place.  Running on adrenaline and excitement I had broken sleep for much of the holiday waking up at odd hours and turning to social media and internet for ideas and bookings for the following days,  looking at options for what to see, loading pictures and events onto facebook,  or interacting via messenger or email to people back home or elsewhere.


After the long 25 hours of flight we landed in Melbourne in the early morning.  Once through customs and retrieving our bags phoned the cattery to come and collect us in our car.  This worked out quite efficiently compared to our departure and the chap who picked us up I think was more the owner of the establishment so much more professional.  To our absolute surprise we found the two cats are been in a large but together pen.  Quite surprising given their hate for one another.  Given the trauma of this their first ever “resort” away from home maybe they bonded together.  In fact for a month or so once home they actually seemed to be reasonably compatible. But then they went back to normal.


Once home I pushed myself to stay awake and carry out the coming home domestics of unpacking washing going to supermarket and restocking fridge collecting mail from neighbors and getting into the swing of time zone.  My wife and son crashed and slept.  I still had another week before returning to work so took some time in loading my excess photos (around 4000) onto Flickr and a website associated with my camera PlayMemories Online to divide my private and public display photos.

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