Highlights & Lowlights.

On reflection I tired to pre-empt what were my top  highlights to share with people.

I think the most awesome take my breath away moments were;

Standing under the dome in St. Paul’s cathedral in London and looking up.

Entering into the second level of the Old Bodleian Library on the tour.

Going into Okehampton for the first time.

Seeing and then going up the Eiffel tower.

Reconnecting with our daughter having not seen her for nine months.



The low lights.

Thinking we had lost our son at one point in London and realizing we had no form of communication to contact him.

Getting totally disoriented while driving the car in Oxford.

Having an incident with a local in High Wycombe who thought I had taken their photo when I was just taking a photo of a church.

The incident in Paris over getting the tickets for the Louvre that I outlined on this blog post

The question asked by many, even when we were traveling,  was have you got the travel bug and what is the next trip.  Being the trip of a lifetime and taking us 50 years to afford and organize ourselves to undertake such a trip the initial response given was maybe in five years time to come back and do Scotland.  Maybe an organized guided tour.  Maybe more of a slower paced stop and experience the area for longer type of tour.  We will see.

The contrast with this holiday and many we have done in the past was the pace.  Generally with holidays we stay in one place and explore for a number of days.  With this holiday there was a high adrenaline rush and a feeling that this might be our only chance to be here so an extra drive to try and see as much as possible in a short time.  So a future trip will definitely be at a slower pace with more time to explore!

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