Cousin’s memorial service at Geelong Library: The Dome

I had the privilege to attend a memorial service for my late cousin Jan who worked for Geelong Regional Library  For only a short time, because of the onset of cancer, worked at the newly opened Dome   The memorial service was a celebration of her amazing life and her brothers, sisters, children, friends and colleagues shared in music and song about the influence she had had one their lives.


The Dome

The event was held on level five of the Dome Wurdi Youang (You Yangs – Big hill in the middle of the plains) Major events and balcony  A magnificent space that has a balcony with an amazing view over Geelong.


Level 5 roof line


One of her work colleague from Collections spoke as part of the service.  Later in the afternoon during after service refreshments when people were starting to dissipating I approached her to ask if it might be possible to arrange for someone to give me a tour.  She was more than happy to do so and even showed me my cousin’s workspace and amazing view from level 4  over the open plan office when the Collection Branch is for the whole library service and Administration, Kim barne murrk (Here is the head) Headquarters of GRLC

On level three The vault, Kim barne thaliyu The vault, Kim barne thaliyu (Here yesterday)
Heritage, reading room, regional archives, local and family history and history reference collection Whilst touring on this level we bumped into a cousin from my father’s side who is a librarian at this library.  She was taking a tour so it was only a brief encounter.

On level two Inspiration space, Nyaal (Open your eyes) Large print and audiobooks, magazines, multimedia, non-fiction, meeting and discussion rooms   I was really impressed with the funky chairs to sit in, a discussion room or small meeting room for events, and the very green heating, cooling, and water recycling system was pointed out.

On level one Reading nest, Ngawarring ngiyt and Cave, Kanyul karrung Dedicated Children & youth floor with great beanbag type sitting area, innovative kid friendly keyboards, a resource area for children’s activities and multiple playstation/ computer interactivity screens for kids to play on with a large dance floor.  Most areas had a polished concrete floor but here there was a matting for sitting on the floor.

Ground Floor and Mezzanine Gathering place, Ki-kirri-ngitj [we talk together] Main entrance, news lounge, technology, exhibitions and cafe
it was pointed out that there is not a huge fiction collection as that is mainly housed at the branches.  With inter branch requests all requirements can be met within a few days.  It was wonderful and a privilege to get such a thorough tour

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