La Trobe Sculpture

I work at La Trobe University which is celebrating being open for fifty years in 2017.  The campus I work at in Melbourne has well-established gardens and has grounds that cover a large area. I believe the area was originally a large farm mostly servicing a sanatorium and as part of the engineering, they purposely developed a moat around the campus to prevent flooding in the low-lying areas of the main campus and to allow for a continuous supply of water to keep the grounds green and lovely even during long hot summers.

Like most people I take photos with my phone and have taken to using Instagram to occasionally share photos on social media. I also share photos occasionally via Twitter , Facebook, and Strava . I mostly share photos during holidays but occasionally I share when out and about. The picture above is from a lunch time walk a few days ago and shows  a sculpture near the moat at the front of the campus in front of the David Myers administration building. The parts above swing in the breeze. In the eight  years I have worked at La Trobe Library I have not noticed this one before. I believe it is new.

A follow up from the above.  Some background about the new sculpture that just appeared in an internal email from our Media & Communications From the VC’S Desk today 8/6/2017.

sculpture background

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