Saturday ride to Sunshine

Early morning bike rides are currently delayed by other duties.  The group I used to ride beach road with regularly has dissipated somewhat and ride less regularly.  Over the last few weeks mid morning I have gone for a ride with my son which is very pleasant.  Today’s ride to Sunshine was influences by having seen an episode of Postcards which featured some eating spots in Sunshine.  So wanting to try out Ka Pies.  Also as part of Brimbank Bike User Group (BrimBUG) I was aware and wanting to try out a new section of bike path opened up between St. Albans and Ginifer stations on the way to Sunshine.


The morning was crisp but clear.  We started out riding along an off road path along Taylors Creek.  We then explored some areas I had not rode on before through Keilor Downs to make our way to the new path in St. Albans.  The path dissipated to a rough track but then beyond Albion railway station a known newer path got us to the edge of Sunshine and we made our way near the railway station on Hampshire road to Ka Pies.


The award winning pie lived up to  expectations and a coffee served in a very retro cup was quirky.  The sun came out in Sunshine and the ride home via known quiet back streets of Sunshine and over the Ring Road on a foot bridge made for a good ride.  The final effort home was the ride on an off road path down and then up Green Gully to get back home.  Overall around 26 kilometres travelled.  STRAVA reading.

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