Sermon reflections

Today in the Christian calendar is Pentecost and it is a fairly big deal as it signifies the start of the Christian church and movement.  It has parallels with the Jewish faith having the title Pentecost being 5o days after Passover and being at the same time  as the festival of Shavuoth.

One of the focuses and reflections of the sermon was Acts 2:12 and the reaction to the people around at that time.. what does this mean?  The challenge for those who call themselves Christians at that time and today, with the added indwelling of the Holy Spirit, is  to be empowered,  and be bold to speak out what you believe, and what you see as true.  Inherent with that is the conflict of choosing to live a different lifestyle or having different beliefs from those around us.  I guess I would also want  to add to be respectful to those differing beliefs and not necessarily pushing your beliefs on others.  Not just to set out to cause conflict.

Our minister also gave a nice story of having had a full day but still dropping into a hospital to see one of our congregation. And because of our minister’s bad knee she chose to park in the hospital paid parking as close as possible so as not to have to walk too far.  However when she had parked she realized she did not have her purse and thus could not pay for the parking.  Putting all that aside she persisted with going to visit the person. However after a long time walking around the hospital after finding directions and getting to where the person was she found he had been sent home only hours before.  She then returned to the car and having no one to talk to about her situation she just made her way to the exit.  Prayed with a couple of cars behind her to just work a miracle …put her unvalidated ticket into the machine and the boom lifted (!)  When she got home she found her purse on the bench.  She did not recommend we should necessarily go and try this out ourselves 🙂

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