Melton Library

I took the morning off work and found myself in Melton.  I was aware of the new public library and community hub  so thought I would check it out.  It was certainly quite a landmark.


The exposed light wood reminded me of the Docklands library.  It was impressive to see the amount of community involvement.  There are a number of break out and meeting rooms a number of which seemed occupied by different groups.  One area seemed dedicated to Federation University where I presume classes were being held.


To sign up as a member to get access to  WiFi was easy.  There was a dedicated computer terminal to fill in a form, and then going to a counter to have a card issued.  When I asked whether there was a time limit on using WiFi the staff member said no, you can use it till your eyes drop out.


Over the two levels of the library it seemed to have a good book stock and separated areas for children’s reading time, group study areas, play areas, and individual reading and study areas with a café near the entrance.   The furniture was modern funky and bright.  After signing up to WiFi I spent a good half hour or so utilizing the service and enjoying the atmosphere.


When I tried to tweet about the library I found that it did not have a twitter handle although the council does     The library has an  Instagram account and a facebook page





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