Research Commons the early days

When the Research Commons was being developed there was such an air of unknown expectation.  What would it mean.  How would we fill it.  How would we get the message out of its opening.  A formal launch required a separate subcommittee to develop and run to schedule.


As part of the operational group we thinking about how it might run.  The reality when it was handed over was that this was a very technical space requiring lots of ICT/AV intervention to help to make it happen.  And as an operational group we were not part of the project plan,  the physical Operations and Infrastructure (building of) the commons.

When it came to the training of the operation of the Viz Lab it was fairly cursory.  It was more or less a session on this is how it works and best if you play around with it to get to know the full functionality.  When it was handed over to the library in June we set up a rostering system to have a physical presence in the Research Commons to tour and enquire who was coming into this new space.   There was also opportunity for the library research staff to play around with the equipment to try and work it out and become familiar with its operation and capabilities.  With knowledge became operation and training and inherent with this were technical issues.

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One Response to Research Commons the early days

  1. Ruth Baxter says:

    A common problem when project and operational groups get no integration.

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