Molly Mazda my first car

Molly Mazda

I think there is generally a deep affection and happy memories about your first car.  I got my license while doing my year 12 HSC in 1983.  When I got near the end of the year I approached my mum and asked how much I might borrow to buy a car.   When I was younger I had quite an interest in Alfa Romeo but maybe I had enough knowledge of reliability and convention to choose this car from a local second hand dealer.  The 1971 Mazda Capella 1600 had a normal piston engine not the more racy rotary engine which for this body style & model equivalent was the RX2 which looked the same as the Capella but had round tail lights and a different engine tone.  I got the car around the same time as doing HSC exams so it was quite thrilling to be able to drive to school.

Post exams and before starting University my first big trip where this picture comes from was travelling to Adelaide for a Church youth convention and then home via Mildura to drop off friends.  I also travelled up to Sydney a couple of times in the early days.

I can only ever remember the car being reliable and faithful with good fuel economy.  It was a good size to accommodate and drive around with friends in it and had a reasonable sized boot for luggage.  I did have a couple of minor accidents one where a car came through a red light when I was doing a right hand turn and hit the tail end, and another with a minor nose to tail at an  intersection. It served me well until I traded it in on a 1980 Renault Virage wagon in 1988.

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2 Responses to Molly Mazda my first car

  1. Ruth Baxter says:

    What a great topic for a post! After I left home to go to Uni my Mum go at to downsize and she got a red racy RX7 for her and my sister to get around in. When I came home my sister had to cram into the back of the car.

  2. graemeo28 says:

    Wow an RX7 That would be worth something today. I should do a post of my first bike but not sure if I have a picture in my archive of that hand me down from my brother when I was very young.

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