Airport spin. On a clear day you can see the city

What a great afternoon for a ride.  The air was crisp in the morning with fog about.  By mid morning the fog had lifted and the sun was out for a lovely winter’s day.  Today’s ride included my standard, what I usually refer to as, the airport spin.  Through the area that still has some aspects of the Keilor market gardens, up through the valley and up a hill via a vineyard to another hilly dead end road that comes out near the airport observation towers for the air traffic controllers.


From the end of this sealed road then back past the vineyard and up another steep hill past a quarry.


Then past some courier distribution centres and the QANTAS staff car park and shuttle to a busier road that then turns off to another deadend road past a golf course to the other end of the staff entrance to the observation towers.


This road is very close to the airport run ways and from here you often see domestic and international flights taking off or landing.

Today rather than just returning home I went via a section of the Ring Road Trail to Brimbank Park for two thirds of a loop and then up a few hills over the top part of Keilor to return home.  Overall around 37 kms STRAVA result.







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