Viz Lab can we use Zoom?

Zoom has become the preferred software for video conferencing in my institution.  For meetings the Viz Lab was becoming popular having good clear and available Video Conferencing facilities.  The next natural progression was Zoom.  To both instigate a meeting and to join in on a meeting a major hurdle was to engage the room camera and the sound system.  This lead to a number of fails and a number of call outs to ICT and AV sometimes under pressure to fix on the spot or respond to crisis situations where meetings or seminars had started but connections had failed.  It also led to a number of frustrating instances where people had tried and tested it out before the event, but then on the day it failed.

A couple of champions persisted and found work arounds.  One found an ability to instigate the meeting from their laptop, use the Clickshare software in the room to project their screen onto the Viz Lab wall and run the meeting in that means.  Through ICT intervention we had the Viz Lab added as a room that could be invited to participate in Zoom.  This added to making the zoom experience more stable.


At one stage we had the complete audio unit break down and need replacing.  This put the Viz Lab out of action for a few weeks which was not a good look and awkward to have to inform potential users that the Lab was out of action.  In more recent times after almost a  year of trial and error we have had a complete refresh so that now we have a dedicated presentation computer to run meetings and a separate 4K computer for data visualisation purposes.  To instigate the meeting be it just a presentation, a video conference, a web conference using Zoom or to use the 4K data visualisation computer it is now a more streamlined process to instigate from the iPad that runs the Viz Lab


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