Possum visitor



Over the weekend we had a surprise visit from a possum.  Unusually to spot them during the day.  Have occasionally heard them scurry over the roof at night and seen in trees or on power lines at night over the years.  We have two cats so tried to keep them indoors whilst we dealt with our visitor.  On sight the possum froze I guess just hoping we would go away.  It then turned around and got caught up in the shade cloth we have on our fence line for privacy between our neighbours.


With a bit of coaxing it eventually worked its way out of the netting and slowly made its way down the fence and under the house.  So very cute.

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One Response to Possum visitor

  1. Ruth Baxter says:

    Such a lovely visitor. I’m lucky enough to have a tiny ringtail possum living in a tree next door. It’s really tiny but I know he’s come to visit when Monty (my dog) refuses to go downstairs to wee without me going outside first. Obviously this possum knows how to keep dogs away!

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