Coffee ride to Caroline Springs

Today was an easy going regular ride with my adult son to Caroline Springs.  It was a cold start but the sun was shining and as we rode along it became warmer.


The path taken was well known and meanders along Taylors Creek in the first part and then, for our area, has reasonable off road paths for bikes.  Being a bike advocate and being an active member of Brimbank Bike User Group BrimBUG I often can’t help myself but at times inwardly grumble at the very car centric infrastructure and lack of consideration for anything but cars as one rides around the suburbs.  Poor maintenance of paths, lack of connection at road crossings, misalignment of ramps and links to go around intersections and bike/pedestrian paths, no pedestrian/bike road crossings at busy shopping centre intersections and road crossings.  Maybe I was a bit more grumbly inside having read a tongue in cheek article with a provocative title just before going out.

As we travelled along a dog walker totally refused to get out of our way even when we politely gave a friendly ring on our bell as we approached.  Encountered pedestrians on a shared path who walked in front of us and then gave us dirty looks for thinking they might have to stop and let us pass.  We did encounter one driver around a round about who actually gave us right of way and a wave which was nice.  Across one bike/pedestrian path a worker just put down a couple of witches hats and blocked the whole path with a little bulldozer expecting us to dismount and walk around.  He certainly had not been on the path only 30 minutes before when we had travelled down the same path!


Overall it was a good ride with good coffee and good company.  I should chill more.  STRAVA result



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