Sermon reflections

Following on from last week our pastor continued on the theme of when God talks are we listening.  The focus of today’s sermon was on prayer and an interesting starting point to state know you’ve probably heard lots of sermons on prayer and not here to lay a guilt trip on you or make things inaccessible or unachievable.  Main point was to live a prayer life and break down compartments in life.  With an emphasis of a book written in the 1600s still in print today and available online for free Practice the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.

The three main points were;

  1. Cultivate and awareness of God in everyday living.
  2. Invite God to accompany you in every day to every place.
  3. Look for God’s hand and listen for God’s voice in the midst of your busy life.

For homework she suggested to take 5 minutes at the end of the day when you are in bed and  before you go to sleep to walk through your day in your mind and invite God in.  Slow down and reflect over the day where you might have seen God, what to give praise to over the day, things to confess, and reflect on where you might have allowed God to enter the moment.


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