How do I book the Viz Lab?

On the surface and over the last year the booking process has evolved to an online form from a generic email   We are also soon to be added to the complete La Trobe room booking system However behind the scenes and from opening it has required a certain amount of intervention and complication.  Being in a restricted area those who book the facility need to be given card access.  This can be done by our library administration team by emailing patron’s identification and card access numbers.  To leverage this and empower those who take charge of events we set up a familiarisation process, and developed the requirement to sign a conditions of use form to try to ensure that those taking charge of an event knew how to run the equipment, and would leave the place as they found it. Once they have attended a familiarisation and lodged conditions of use form we pass on their card details for access to the facility.  They are then put on our registered users file and are in charge of the event.

The complication and administrative burden has been distributed across the library research partnership team via a roster checking the generic email and by allocation from the back end of the online form.  There is certainly an amount of time taken up to check availability, check if already a registered user, making the time for familiarisation in times when the facility if free, and booking the facilities.   Inherent with this has been technical issues on the day, and occasionally those who booked the event and familiarised not being present on the day, or cancelling the event without letting us know.   A year later we have around ninety registered users and have hosted a wide range of successful meetings and events. In more resent times an adjustment of booking process has involved our library administration team being notified by library research partnership team to make the actual booking. We are working towards lessening the administrative burden and distributing the load, we are currently reviewing the research commons and familiarisation procedures, we have reviewed the operation of the facility over the first year,  and looking at implementing the recommendations from this report.

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