Today and tomorrow I am undertaking training in NVIVO software.  It is tricky.  We have a library guide about it. We have had staff in the past who had knowledge of it and trained with it.  Currently we have a few staff members who know it, and the training team are hiring in a casual post grad student to run sessions with it.  Being in the Research section we want to provide a certain level of troubleshooting and assistance when requested.  But, with just a couple of days training and limited capacity to use it for qualitative research it is going to be interesting.  Via the trainer’s website there are a certain amount of resources and videos available.  The challenge will be to apply the knowledge and utilize the software for a couple of projects to gain some experience to then potential run training and provide at least a certain level of support and response to queries from patrons.  Haven’t seen any posts this #blogjune on imposter syndrome.  That will be me if I have to run advanced NVIVO training (!)

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