Last day #blogjune reflections and ERA



Continuing my theme of a picture on Friday I wanted to capture the large liquid amber tree in my front yard.  It has now lost most of its leaves and in the midst of a cold winter to capture a photo as I leave for work in the early dusk and come home in the dark.  The Tour De France about to start so late night tv viewing and following the #sbstdf steam will be fun.

The statistics for my site for #blogjune below.  Seems the most popular write was the 4 questions suggestion form Paul or Time Travel as some have labelled it.  I’ve blogged 24 out of 31 days not bad and on par with previous years where maybe I was a bit more dedicated to it.


My feeling and sense was that there were less bloggers than previous years.  It was still entertaining and encouraging to read and interact with the smaller crew over the month.

Quite all consuming in my work and section at the moment is the University’s research outputs used for Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) via the MyPublications interface. Though partnership with the University research office and specifically the Research performance team we have made a significant contribution.

Last year the Library Research Team won the Vice Chancellor’s “Be the Difference” Award through their collaboration with the Research Office to develop and deliver an improved, accurate and reliable process for collecting the University’s research outputs.

This award recognises the substantial contribution of the Library Research Team in managing the annual process of publication collection for the University in 2015-2016. The Team ensured that all La Trobe authored publications were captured and assessed in the “My Publications” system; resulting in 3,495 publication records and an increase of 1,017 publications from the previous year.  A concerted effort was made to contact all possible authors of research outputs, locally and internationally, to ensure their publications were affiliated, accounted for and nominated through the process. As a result, the University’s ranking position has improved dramatically in 2016.

In the lead up to ERA2018 we have been undertaking an extensive exercise to capture the research outputs of the University for the period 1st January 2011 to 31st December 2016.  It has led to certain amounts of stress over the whole team and at times dealing with messy data.  It often feels like we are reaching significant deadlines and goals but then as soon as one is reached another is put before us.  The goal post continuously change and the team is changed and diverted accordingly, as well as undertaking a wide range of other work duties.


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