#blogjune or not

I must say the lead up to this year’s blogjune seems to have lacked luster.  I’ve only seen a handful of announcements and less hype than ever than I have seen before.  Having religiously blogged each June for five years it’s an interesting and liberating feeling to sit back and without an inner feeling of pressure to just let it go by and realize that is fine.  Aligned with a similar feeling is my lesser drive for bike riding.  Having a quick look back to my first 2013 blogjune entries I was riding every Saturday morning riding beach road with a group and a regular 50/70 kms and a lesser distance ride on Sunday.  These weekends are currently taken up with a lesser 20/30 km solo local ride on a Saturday and only the occasional Sunday ride.  How times change.  Five years older and wiser and less fit.  This blogjune will be occassional, spontaneous, and will evolve over the month

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1 Response to #blogjune or not

  1. Ruth Baxter says:

    I thought about #blogjune and felt the same sense of release as you at the idea of not doing it. I think I shall consider some posts but not every day

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