Videos, Youtube and Netflix

During my recover I mentioned that I watched a lot of Netflix, catch-up tv and youtube. I thought I’d outline a little of what I watched. Not too long before the surgery and recovery period I had started searching Youtube for historical footage. I have quite a fascination to watch original footage from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, of Australiana. At one point I stumbled across the National Film And Sound Archives & their Youtube site.

Before and during the recovery time I was explored this site and stumbed across fascinating documentaries and footage to entice migrants to come to Australia in the post war years. This one for example The Way We Live Is a quaint video of British migration in 1959 setting up in Sydney Australia. It’s interesting to watch and hear aboutcontinental vs British food tastes, exotic fruits & it’s okay to leave baby at the checkout when supermarket shopping. 22:15- 25:30

Mainly For Women shows a country girl coming to the big smoke in the 70s to train to be a fully qualified calculating machine operator. Primarily the intention seems to be to come to the big smoke to find a potential husband
I found a wonderful 9 part series from 1967 of how to drive. The fundamentals are just as relevant today. What I really enjoyed was the driving around Melbourne and the suburbs and the emphasis on learning to drive with a manual 3 on the tree. Road Observation. How To Drive drives around areas of Box Hill and Dandenong Road.

A 9 part series from 1973 of the Skills of Defensive Driving.  The 7th episode includes a rolling FJ Holden and an XM Falcon crashing into a tree.  Who’s To Blame? Skills of Defensive Driving Episode 1 includes staged minor accidents including an original  Corona stopping and sliding sideways
The  series of the ABC show Torque with Peter Wherrett from the mid 70s

Torque V1 driving VC Commodore BMW 528i

Torque V2 XD Falcon & Bolwell project car

Torque V3 Chrysler Sigma

Torque V4 Corona & Datsun 200B

Torque v5 Porsche 924& VW Golf petrol, diesel, turbo diesel

Torque V6 4WDs International, Jeep, Toyota Hi-Lux, Subaru Leone wagon

Torque V7 Jaguar XJ6 & Suzuki Hatch

Torque V8 Rally driving with a Daihatsu Charade Datsun 280 ZX Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint

Torque V9 Mazda 626 & Safety cornering

Torque V10 Mazda 626 & Being affected by alcohol testing

I had ideally wanted to find episodes of Homicide, Division 4 or Matlock Police but I could not. On 7 plus I found the complete series of Blue Heelers from the 90s.  Blue Heelers follows the lives of the police officers stationed in fictional small country town; Mount Thomas. There were lots of episodes to watch. I got through the first series and mid way through the second series.

On a daily basis I watched an episode of Touched by an Angel which is always heart warming when the angel is revealed and often has a good message in the episode. Also on a regular basis I watched episodes of Escape to the Country  which I seem to have a fascination for and which I can watch constantly.

On Netflix I watched a number of movies such as Highwaymen, Roma, The Lady in the Van, Isn’t it Romantic and series such as Sex Education and Campus.

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