In memory of Jerry

Jerry came to us when he was 2 years old.  Via primary school our daughter’s teacher announced to the class that she was moving house so her cat had to go.  We already had one cat Tiger Lilly.  We got her from the Greensbough Cat Shelter and she must have had a hard 9 months before we got her.  She was timid and a bit aloof.  We agreed to take on a second cat.  We got our vet’s advice early on as to how to assimilate them both into the family.  His sage words at the time were they will get on fine.  This was NEVER to be the case. I blogged about them both in Blog June 2013



From the word go Jerry asserted himself as the ruler of the house particularly when it came to food.  However Tiger Lilly held her ground and on a daily basis hissed and growled when Jerry came too close to her.  Jerry had quite a piercing meow and he made his presence and feeling felt.  He was also quite a boofhead being able to push our bedroom door open whenever he chose to.  However when visitors came he would hid in the cupboard and only reappear once visitors had gone.  It was a rare day he would actually come out to see guests.  Sometimes if he was in the garden he might be spotted by passing visitors but it was rare.


As the kids grew up the cats seemed to gravitate to a more favoured one.  Tiger Lilly to my son and Jerry to my daughter.  When it came to feeding they both became my best friend.  And Jerry being more affectionate and wanting more attention than Tiger Lilly would often sit on you or with you.


He was a healthy boy having only a handful of vet visits that I can remember.  A few visits with eye drops and antibioitics but nothing too major.  One morning after staying out all night he was not around for his morning breakfast.  Quite unusual and out of his normal routine.  Later that day he was found in our garden very lethargic and was carried inside.  He sat not his usual self.  We took him to the vet and he could only suggest that he was attacked overnight by another cat.  He was given medicine and some antibiotics to work through with a booking to see the vet a week later.  He didn’t make it through the week.  During the week he was totally off his food and it was a sad morning raising the covers under the bed to find he had passed away.  I recall in the night he died he gave a bit of a cry out.  I regret not responding to him as this was most probably his farewell call.

I rang up the vet and made arrangements that they had a service where by for a fee they would take and bury Jerry in a grave down by the coast in a humane and environmentally friendly way.  I was not comfortable burring him in the garden for fear of him being uncovered by other animals.  This occurred in the late part of my recovery from cancer, so I was able bodied enough to drive to the vet and to carry his body.

It was hard news to give to my daughter who is an animal lover and particularly as Jerry had been such a companion to her over the years.  On the night of the day I had discovered his death and had passed him onto the vet for his burial my daughter and I had arranged to go to the comedy festival to see Cal Wilson.  We saw it as good therapy to go out, have a laugh, and after the show have a meal and a drink to Jerry’s memory.  You would not believe it BUT as part of Cal’s comedy routine that night she joked about pets dying and hiding the truth from your kids.  It was all a bit too raw.  The next day I made contact with Cal via Instagram saying how we liked the show but it was a bit too soon for us to laugh at this point.  Cal was lovely and as a fellow cat lover she was sympathetic and lovely to us.  It was much appreciated.  For all I know she might have used that in future routines 😊


After Jerry’s departure it has been quite remarkable to see the change in Tiger Lilly’s personality.  After being bullied by him for 10 years she has now come out of her shell and is friendly sits on our knee and seeks affection.  As well as Jerry’s departure it does coincide with both kids having left home so that might be an added factor.



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