Kangaroo article with cyclist slant

I’m loosing my blogjune momentum so thankfully nearing the end of the month. Thought I’d reflect a little on this article from The Age on ‘We can’t keep pretending they aren’t there’: Roo mob stuck in bureaucratic battle

When I first quick glance read the article via Twitter I saw the parallel in the writing and the objections posed similar to ones cited about cyclists. Like the quote

“We can’t just keep pretending they aren’t there,” she said. “The roos are at risk, train passengers are at risk and drivers are at risk.”

My reaction, which I passed onto a cyclist group, was the fact that like a roo, a cyclist is far more at risk when being hit by a car or a train than the driver or the train driver/passenger. Also this quote in the article has another side to it.

“It’s dangerous. Not just to the kangaroos but to the public. These roos have caused some significant damage to the cars that they’ve hit too.”

Like cyclists, I don’t think the roos chose to be hit by the car and the damaged caused to the cyclist/roo I’m sure was more significant than the car.

I was talking to someone from the Eildon area and he said, as well as kangaroos, they are also at risk when driving of encountering wild/feral deer. He said he spotted around 71 deer on the local oval a few days ago. Apparently, deer farms that went bust in the area just released their animals to the wild and like rabbits have bred and are in ideal conditions to survive.

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