The restructure

For the last blogjune post I wanted to say something about the work restructure but it is tricky.  The plan to proceed with phase 2 was scheduled for the 28th of June but with a large amount of feedback and potential adjustment to the proposal put to us May 22nd that has been postponed.  The paperwork that has been presented to us is labelled as confidential so I am l loathed to put too much out there in public on a blogsite.  Added to this in the proposal put to us I was affected with my position made redundant so my viewpoint and commentary on the restructure might be slightly tainted.

This is the third restructure I have experienced at my workplace in the ten years I have worked here.  The big one was in 2014/2015 which coincided with an all of University restructure.  The big changes as a result of this one largely driven to reduce staff numbers was to change our librarian status from academic equated to professional staff, lose our titles as librarians, and to adjust the service structure to align with the University to have a separate Teaching and Learning, and a Research section.  For me the big change in transitioning to a job on the other side of the restructure and being part of the Research Team was also to change from being science librarian (for over 20 years) to be the Coordinator for Arts Social Science and Commerce (ASSC) team for the adjusted University two school structure of ASSC and SHE (Science Health and Engineering.  This restructure is just the  library however there have been other departmental restructures happening.  It seems like academic institutions are under constant review and restructure.   The original message was that there would be no job losses and it wasn’t about money however as time has gone by there are redundant positions and there has been an adjustment to demonstrate money savings to the University probably as a result of the election, result of election, and lack of funding support being mooted by government in the foreseeable future.

The restructure started a year ago as section review of different departments within the library and snowballed to become an all of library review and then restructure.  The first phase saw the rollout and change of the management structure and department structure and the alignment resulted in 3 managers resigning.  Two retired and one got a job elsewhere.  There was an announcement on Friday that there has been an appointment to one of the positions, and post interviewing they have readvertised for the other manager position.  The primary ideal of the new structure  is to set up more of an Outreach and Engagement to the University community and our clients and to have more joined up services.

The process of restructure is disruptive and changes your self-perception, particularly when you are affected.  Those not affected often have a survive guilt for having been transitioned into the new structure without having to undergo an interview process.  It is still business as usual whilst in the midst of the process.  After the phases were displayed to library staff there has been a period of feedback and response to the feedback. It has been a long drawn out process and it continues.

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3 Responses to The restructure

  1. Jen E says:

    Feeling for you. Life as a 21st century academic librarian appears to be a process of constant re-invention

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