Bright/Freeburgh January Holiday

In January we holidayed with friends in a caravan park in Bright. We stayed in a small town 8 kms outside of Bright called Freeburgh. Around October when lockdown was coming to a close we bumped into a friend whilst walking. This friend we have known for quite some time and have an association with as a former member of Brimbank Church of Christ. He has a wider connection of associated former and current members of the church who have gone away with their families on January holidays on a regular basis for around 15 years to various places. What is nice to observe with this group of twenty or so people from five or so families is that it has evolved and been inclusive of their children as they have grown up to be young adults and now includes the boy friends, girl friends and partners pf these young adults.

In the earlier years of joining the church around 2005 we went away with the group a couple of times but with slightly older kids than the group, and not being so much into tent camping, we were never so much committed to the regular holidaying with the group. We have maintained a friendship and connection with most of the people associated with the group. When we bumped into him he said they had booked to go to Bright/Freeburgh this year and if we wanted to come we were quite welcome to join them. We investigated and found that there were a couple of cabins still available at the caravan park. We had to make a decision quickly as post lockdown there was a nervousness of potential boarder closers in crossing state lines so local Victorian holiday spots were filling up quickly.

I mentioned in an earlier post about my reservation about using our Subaru to transport us. We loaded her up and although there were some loud thuds each time we hit a pothole she performed perfectly. The weather was amazing. Almost everyday started out crisp but sunny and clear and warmed up as the day proceeded. Over the ten days I don’t think we experienced much rain. And we did not experience extreme heat. Sometimes in this alpine region of Victoria there can be some very high temperatures. Just a year before there had been some fire danger around the region.

Over the years we have holidayed in and around Bright a number of times and so are quite familiar with the area. However over this holiday we experienced a few things and places with the group we had not seen before. I will share these over consequent blog posts. Cycling is a big thing in the Bright region with rail trails, cycling events, road bike, and mountain biking facilities and infrastructure. Part of the enticement to go away with the group and to take the aging Subaru was to fully load the car with our bikes to take advantage of this as we have done over most of our previous trips

View from the cabin decking. The group were staying in tents closer to the river front. Just a short walk away. One of the group were staying in a caravan a bit closer to us.

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