Central heating issues

We have lived in our house for over thirty years. It was built in the mid-1970s. Over all those years of ownership we have not had any issue with the originally installed gas central heating. Over the years we have noticed some rooms are warmer than others. Over the years I think at one point we had to have the turn on switch replaced. There has been the occasion over the years where I have had to clamber under the house and relight the pilot light. For the last few winters, I have nervously turned on the unit and waited with bated breath for old faithful heater to just start up without any issue. Over the years I have half heartly thought.. must get someone to look it over in Summer. Over the years we have collected junk mail of offers to come and clean the ducted vents. But no action.

This winter what developed was a growing awareness of an almighty bang when the heater was turned on. Even a neighbor commented on it as being not good and you should get that looked at. This then made me delve into the world of plumbers and the transition at present for additional certificates and qualifications to be a gas specialist. It has also thrust me into the world of considering alternative fuels and sustainable energy options. At this stage we do not have solar panels and currently also have gas stove hot plates and gas hot water system. To change over everything all at once is a substantial investment and major considerations. So far have had two quotes for replacement of the heater. The saving grace is a split system electric system we had installed in our lounge room seven years ago. So, we are spending a lot more time this winter in the lounge room until the central heating is fixed.

Update. A new gas central heater was installed yesterday (28/6) All is well. Farewell old heater. You have served us well over the years.

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