New AV system at church

A new AV system at church brought on memories of the Viz Lab and the Research Commons in my former workplace in 2017. A group of us were shown by the installer how to run the new system. However, on Sunday morning it became apparent that I did not know what buttons to press to make some things operational. It brought back memories of the VizLab. When I first set up all three microphones worked. However, during the service, we were reduced to one functioning microphone.

After church a group got into the AV box to deduce how things worked and what buttons to press to make things work. In retrospect the training on Friday should have included some much more basic information and some written instructions. After Sunday, and similar to the early days of the VizLab, I have undertaken to make a step-by-step user guide with photos to explain what to do and how to make things work.

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