End of blogjune and start of a new lockdown


As the COVID19 cases raised in Melbourne so we enter a new phase of lockdown returning to level 3 restrictions.  I am in the unusual situation of living in a postcode area that is exempt but totally surround by those under the new restrictions.  It is bizarre.

Today finished work early and got a swim in which was great.  Also got a new printer as the old one had some kind of issue with each print out but without the ability to just call your work IT to come and fix it, easier to just buy a new one.  However I did find what a hot lockdown item printers are.  Had to go to two Officeworks and was lucky to get one that did what I wanted at a reasonable price.

Stats for the month

Year Total posts Total comments Avg comments per post Total likes Avg likes per post Total words Avg words per post
2020 26 7 0.3 2 0.1 3,905 150

Less than average on previous years and far less words than last year outlining my cancer journey and 2016 outlining my UK/Europe travels.

2013 33 24 0.7 19 0.6 9,095 276
2014 29 9 0.3 11 0.4 7,073 244
2015 26 12 0.5 10 0.4 6,925 266
2016 30 18 0.6 18 0.6 10,811 360
2017 24 11 0.5 5 0.2 7,369 307
2018 1 1 1.0 2 2.0 162 162
2019 25 25 1.0 3 0.1 11,690 468

It is hard to tell what the rest of 2020 will bring.  It has been a roller coaster to this point.  After 2019 with my cancer journey and the library restructure I didn’t think 2020 could have been as bad and as complex as has been so far.  Roll on 2021!

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City in the distance


A lunchtime walk.  Melbourne city in the distance.  Disturbing to talk to colleagues from two different departments of the University that are undergoing restructures at the same time as the University is facing cutbacks, voluntary redundancies and an uncertain future.  Very unsettling and disturbing in these turbulent times.

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Weekend swim and ride


After a day of getting over food poisoning an active day with a swim , some shopping, a walk,  and a bike ride

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Blokes Don’t Talk


Following on from my post about Men’s Health Week and Men’s HealthTV I’ve continued to explore some websites and groups mentioned during that experience.  Via Facebook algorithms I was alerted to the facebook group of Blokess Don’t Talk  It links to a weekly podcast.  I’ve been sequentially listening to the podcasts posted from April.  The conversations cover what the producer Braden Anderson claims are ordinary blokes.

The topics covered with those interviewed include some of the toughest times that the people  have faced with a focus on some of the darker mental health experiences they have had  With the power and the connection of social media I’ve found it fairly easy to make connection with the speakers after listening to their podcasts and complement them on their openness.  Each have appreciated the feedback and compliment.

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Lunchtime ride


A lunchtime ride.  An outdoor gym.  An interesting sculpture at a newly refurbished playground close to home. The ride included a chance meeting and chat with a colleague.

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All-staff forum


And so it continues.  The uncertainty of future.  A vote from the majority of staff for the National Universities Job Protection Framework has meant a saving of some jobs, a temporary cut in pay, but still an uncertain future of restructure, realignment, and still job losses.  The volatile and changing government responses give mixed positive and negatives for the future.  And yet through it all it is business as usual in these interesting times.  Within the constraints placed upon us by government directives.  What will the next months bring?

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Complexities of the day


The day was complex.   The bombshells of finding out who in my organization have taken redundancies packages.  A CAVAL Mentoring seminar exploring the complexities and effects on library values and services during this time and as we return to the physical workplace.  And a seminar on finding quality open educational resources.  I dealt with other work matters and mowed the lawn at lunchtime.  Mowing the lawn is not something you could do if not working from home.  I also dared to book an overnight stay in a week’s time even though in the dilemma of currently being in a locked down COVID19 hot spot suburb.  Hopefully by next week all will be a bit less stressed.  Can always cancel the trip if we find it is not quite right to go.

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Foggy future


It was foggy in the valley behind my house this morning.  Our return to work process at the moment is also foggy.  We have started to talk about a return to work process.  However because of government adjustments the dates have shifted.  The concept presented to us was to come back one day a week on a rolling roster basis.  Because of physical distancing in the open plan work environment and restrictions on the number of people in the building this has contributed to the shift.  The library is scheduled to re open on the 6th of July.  Our section’s return to work does not have a firm date.

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Lacking inspiration


As blogjune is coming to an end a picture of Taylors Creek from an earlier bike ride.

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On the plains as I rode into Brimbank Park on Saturday morning there was a mob of kangaroos.  I have spotted them before in the same vicinity.  I think they are a group of around eight.  This morning as I went out for a ride towards the airport I spotted three kangaroos in a grassed area on the other side of the Calder Highway next to Arundel Road towards Arundel Creek.  I have never spotted kangaroos there before.

Today’s bike ride and roos spotted;


Saturday’s bike ride and roos spotted


It might be possible for the kangaroo to go under the Calder Highway under the Maribyrnong bridge but more likely they are from a different mob.

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