Casual, flexible, adaptable but not perfect.

The reality of being casual is being flexible and adapting to the situation. When I first entered the world of redundancy it was an open canvas of flexibility. I could more or less do what I wanted whenever I wanted. Now being casually employed there is flexibility but an added uncertainty of having work, and having to change plans at short notice. Yesterday I was called up for a short shift at a small branch for this morning which I accepted. And with the reality of newly appointed staff there is an underlying feeling to accept any work that is forthcoming to demonstrate my flexibility and willingness to work when requested.

Mid shift I was reminded. via a text message, that I had made plans to meet up with a friend for lunch and had forgotten to cancel that arrangement. I felt terrible that I had forgotten this, and had not planned and given advance notice to my friend about the adjustment. With only an hour notice I had to apologize. I know I put them out. I usually pride myself on caring and thinking of others. I hope I can make it up to this friend and there will be forgiveness for my thoughtlessness.

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